As soon as the Winning Wizards slot game from Microgaming loads, you'll likely be impressed by its charming theme.  Over the years, the fantasy genre has grown and developed and is now one of the most popular slot game genres.  Nowadays, you will find a plethora of exciting magic-related slot games to pick and choose from.  When it comes to gaming options, Winning Wizards really is something special!  This classic game from Microgaming does not offer a lot of frills or difficult bonus features.  Instead, players can expect a fun and straightforward gaming experience, with some seriously addictive gameplay!

Our Verdict: This classic slot offering from Microgaming has five game reels and three rows and offers five fixed paylines for you to spin.  This makes Winning Wizards a perfect option for newbies looking for their first slot gaming experience.  Plus, there is no need to conjure up any past gaming knowledge, as the gaming interface for this game is extremely easy to use.  In this slot title, bets start from just 25p a spin and continue to rise to a maximum bet of £25.  With this older slot machine, you do not have access to an auto-play feature.  This means that you have to renegotiate your bet after each spin.

Winning Combinations: You are bound to be impressed with the different symbols that populate the gaming reels in Winning Wizards.  Each of the lower value symbols is ornately designed with special gold lettering that really stands out on the screen.  When it comes to the higher paying symbols, you will be able to see the Wizard connection more clearly.  You will likely encounter interesting charms such as a red gemstone, a spell book, a wizard staff and a blue vial.  In this game, the highest paying symbol is the wizard himself.

Wild Symbol: In terms of gaming style, Winning Wizards is definitely more of an old-school style slot game.  It does not offer any specific bonus features, which includes both a wild symbol and a scatter symbol.  This game relies on you landing some brilliant winning combinations.  This is why Winning Wizards will definitely appeal to players who love classic gameplay or for players who are still getting to grips with the basic rules of online slot machines.  On top of being a great option for newbies, this Microgaming title is also extremely transparent in terms of its different payouts.  With this game, you'll easily be able to determine how much you will win for different symbols.

In terms of new technology, Winning Wizards does not offer any type of bonus features that players have begun to expect from modern slot releases.  Instead, this Microgaming classic is the perfect gaming option for any newbies still struggling to get to grips with the basics.  Rather than simply being a simple gaming option, this colourful title will easily attract the attention of slot fans.  One thing's for sure you will love the gaming experience on offer in this game.