Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold

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When it comes to American Blackjack, you definitely don't get more famous than the epic Vegas Downtown variety.  This game existed long before the dazzling lights of the Vegas Strip became world-famous.  Now, this variant has become so popular across the globe that only new versions of this variant continue to be created.  Microgaming launched Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold as part of their fun new Gold series.  This brilliant casino series offers players a number of premium gaming features, as well as even better graphics.  You may even think you have accidentally stepped into the lobby of a top-notch Vegas Casino!

Our Verdict: In this exciting Microgaming take on the popular Blackjack classic, your cards are dealt on a vibrant and plush green table.  This fun game has been reimagined as part of Microgaming's popular Gold series, giving you access to some exciting Auto Re-bet functions and Quick-deal features.  This particular card game from Microgaming is a hold card game.  This means that the dealer will receive one face-down card.  This means that you can only use the first card as an indicator of whether you should stand or choose to hit.

17 Rule: There is also an exciting little twist that helps to make this particular variant different from other options.  In this particular game, the dealer is required to draw on a soft 17. In most other variants, the dealer will be required to stand on all 17s.  If you're unsure of what a soft 17 is, this is a combination of cards that includes an ace.  This game uses 2 standard card decks.  You'll be happy to hear that this is a great advantage for players as the house edge is reduced.  This will slant the game more in favour of the player.  For the Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold title, a Blackjack pays 3:2 and any insurance bet will payout 2:1.

Split: In this Blackjack variant, players can opt to split their card hand if they receive two cards with the same value.  It's worth pointing out that you can only split an ace once, so consider if it's the right time to use this function.  After you choose to split an ace, there is only one more card dealt to you.  You are, however, able to re-split twice.  This means you can have up to four card hands.

Double: Players are also given the option to double down on either of your first two cards.  You can also double down on your original bet after you choose to split your cards.  When you use the double down function, you'll place a bet that your hand will beat the dealer's hand with the next card you are dealt.  This bet has the same value as your original bet.

Insurance: Players can also choose to place an additional insurance bet.  This bet is insurance against the dealer landing Blackjack.  This type of bet is usually used if the face-up card for the dealer is an ace