The Bermuda Mysteries

We all know that there are many different myths and stories surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.  There have been many spooky tales surrounding this mysterious sector of the ocean.  The epic Bermuda Mysteries slot game gives adventurous slot fans the chance to explore the Bermuda Triangle for themselves and see exactly what goes on in this eerie part of the world.  One thing's for sure, you don't have to worry about your wins going missing when you land a stellar winning combination on the game reels!

Our Verdict: This brilliant slot game will take you on an interesting gaming adventure, as you try to solve one of the most famous Bermuda triangle mysteries in history. This slot game will take you right into the heart of the alleged Devils Triangle and players will be able to deice for themselves whether they think this is a conspiracy or a legitimate mystery.  You may find the theory less exciting than the brilliant prizes that can be won.  NextGen has changed the focus of this game.  Get ready to brave choppy waters to be rewarded with huge potential payouts.  Are you up for the challenge?

Wild Symbol: When it comes to the differed symbols on offer in this mysterious slot game, players will see various items which are said to have gone missions, from ships to aircrafts.  The symbol most players will be on the lookout for is the wild symbol.  This special symbol has the ability to replace all other symbols with the exception of the scatter.  The wild pilot symbol will only appear on the central game reels.  The scatter symbol in this game has the ability to trigger a lucrative free spins bonus round, as well as the rescue mini-game.  There are two scatter icons.  The first is the Golden Badge and the second is the map.

Free Spins Bonus: If you're lucky enough to land three or more of the Golden Badge symbols, you will unlock the Free Spins Bonus Round.  In this round, players will be rewarded with 12 free spins.  During this special Free Spins round, a special green radar symbol will be added to the 5th game reel.  Whenever this symbol lands, your multiplier will be increased by 1x.  We're sure you'll agree that the Bermuda Mystery in this game is hidden treasures!

Rescue Bonus: With the Rescue Bonus, players should prepare to enter a fun mini-game.  Whenever you are able to land three or more map symbols anywhere in view, you will immediately be transported to a radar station.  Here, players will be tasked with picking from different locations on the ap.  If you're lucky enough to unearth a shipwreck or a downed plane, then you will unlock prizes of increasing value.  Make sure to watch out for a Freak Wave, Broken Compass, Wormhole or a Flying Saucer.  If you uncover any of these symbols, your bonus game will end.  We're sure you'll agree that the Bermuda Mysteries slot is chock full of brilliant bonus opportunities!