Premier Roulette

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We're sure you'll agree that the classic game of Roulette is one of the most exciting and thrilling games available to play online, and if you're currently on the hunt for some classic spinning action, we have the perfect game for you!  With so many different Roulette versions to contend with, it can often be difficult for online players to find the perfect game, but Premier Roulette by Microgaming offers a thrilling and comprehensive gaming experience that players can enjoy from the comfort of your own sofa!  This particular title offers a truly immersive gaming experience with a number of handy bonus features.

Our Verdict: One of the main things we like about Premier Roulette is that it gives players the ability to customise their gameplay.  This will help to keep your gaming experience fun and interesting and it also ensures that players can play the game the way they want.  With this particular Roulette game, you'll experience the full atmosphere of the casino floor, and the sound effects are enjoyable and relaxing.  Premier Roulette focuses on the European variant of Roulette and offers all the traditional features you would expect to encounter.  This version is extremely enjoyable and offers neighbour bets, as well as a handy track feature.   

How to Play: If you're new to the game of Roulette, this game can appear daunting as the main rules may seem confusing, but it is actually pretty straightforward and easy to pick up.  The Roulette wheel in Premier Roulette follows European rules, which means there are 36 pockets and only a single zero.  Any player can choose to bet on a number of different variables, which gives you a highly customisable betting range.  For example, some players opt to bet on which colour or pocket the Roulette ball will land in.  If you are looking for better odds, you can increase these by betting on a specific number.

Payouts: When it comes to the different payouts on offer, these can be slightly difficult to explain as there is such a wide variety of betting options.  This means you should consult the paytable as it will act as a comprehensive guide when it comes to figuring out what you will receive if you choose to place a specific bet.  The odds will vary massively, so we'll cover a couple of the main bets you can place.  In general, if you choose to bet on a specific number, then your odds will be 35:1.  If you choose to place a bet on a colour, your odds will be 2:1.

Customisable Options: With Premier Roulette, players are given the option to customise a number of different features.  This will help you adjust this game to suit your personal play style.  You will be able to save your favourite bets, as well as decide how often you would like to change your stake.  There is also a handy auto-play feature that will let the software bet on your behalf.