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Hollywood and war movies go hand in hand, but now both these genres have combined to make one marvellous slot game, Platooners.  Elk Studios have thought outside the box and came up with this unique Platooners creation. The slot game tells the story of three platooners battling to defeat the snake.  This movie battle happens across the five-reels and four rows of this slot game. Platooners also comes with no traditional paylines but instead has 178 ways to win.  A top prize on the game is 1000x your stake, which can be a minimum of 20p per spin or a maximum of £100 per spin.

Our Verdict: There is no shortage of Hollywood war blockbusters, but for Elk Studios to try to use the creation of a war film as a genre in itself was unique and creative and could have backfired, however, works spectacularly well.  Like Elk Studios other slot creations, the design of Platooners is  very stylish, and there are spectacular animations throughout. The two bonus features are where the true quality of the game is, however. The first bonus can occur at any time which keeps the slot fast-paced and engaging. The second bonus feature is a war where the victors will win potentially huge and rewarding jackpots.

Wild Symbol:  Slot fans will know all about how important a wild symbol can be during gameplay so thankfully Platooners has it added to the reels.  The Platooners wild is simple to spot as it is simply the word "wild" in a silvery colour.  This wild symbol can help players create winning combinations after each spin when it lands.  It can do this by substituting for most other symbols on the game. The silver wild can't substitute for the snakes head scatter.

Action Spins: The Action Spins bonus feature will occur at random times as you spin on the base game.  This feature involves are three main stars of the war blockbuster each of whom will perform a different action.  The first actor is the rocket platooner who as the name suggest throws rockets.  These rockets are thrown at reels one and three filling them with the same symbol.  Our next actor is the grenade platooner who explodes grenades on reels three, four and five adding wilds.  Finally, you have the bullets platooner who shoots his machine gun across the reels and creates a five-symbol combination.

Snakes of Fortune: The Snakes of Fortune is the games primary bonus, and it is only activated when three four or five of the games scatter – the snakes head – lands on a single spin. This unlocks the battle, and the number of platooners depends on the number of triggering symbols.  For three you get one, four you get two and five you get all three platooners.  During the battle to defeat the snake, each platooner gets fifteen pieces of ammo.  If you defeat the snake, you unlock the next level.  There are three levels in total to be unlocked.  The further you go the more you win.