We seldom get to play a game by Lightning Box so we thought we would take a look at Pixie Gold. This is a fantasy, fairy tale game with a magical forest in the background. You expect plenty of fairy dust and magic on this light-hearted game. The pixie character bares resemblance to Disney's very own Tinkerbell who was a main character in the famous classic Peter Pan. This game may remind you of the film, and we have played it thoroughly to gain and understanding into its structure and setup. We found it to be a lot of fun so check out our review below.

Our Verdict: Once you enter the main game screen you are greeted with a game with some absolutely fantastic detail. It really gives off a wow factor and the sound effects and music compliment the game fantastically. You will feel that you are right there in the forest spinning the reels and we found it to be a highly addictive slot. The game offers 5 reels, and there are 1296 different ways to win which is pretty cool. You can bet from £1 which is quite high, so the game will suit players that are willing to bet higher amounts. There are also bonus rounds which we have below.

Wild Symbol: The pixie character represents the wild as you might expect and she substitutes for most other symbols on the reel except for the big gold "K" which symbolises the scatter. Both of these form a large part of the game and so keep an eye for them as they can help you win big. The wild, in particular, helps complete line wins by substituting for non-winning symbols. This forms the bread and butter of your gameplay and can help you win big. In addition to this, however, are the bonus rounds, and we have all the details of these below.

Reelfecta Reel: This bonus round involves a big giant centre wheel, and it is located in the middle of the game interface when it becomes active. The feature is called the Reelfecta and is similar to the wild symbol in that it helps players pick up big wins by forming combinations in conjunction with the other reels. It only uses a single symbol from the 16 available, and it is a fast-paced feature and can be tricky to pick up, but players will gradually get used to how it works by playing the slot as normal. The free mode is a good way to learn how the Reelfecta works.

Pixie Spin: As you play the game you might notice a carriage that moves along the reels from time to time and this can result in the triggering of the Pixie Spin feature. You will be rewarded with a single free spin, but there will also be a wild on reels two and three which essentially guarantees a big win. You can check the paytable to understand how this works in more detail if you wish. We found that this activated a lot and helped us pick up some good wins. It works as sort of a free spin mini-game overall.