Mike Tyson Roulette

Are you ready to combine your love of boxing with roulette as you take on one of the most iconic boxers of all time? Then get ready to play the incredible Mike Tyson's Roulette table game!

This incredible game will see you placing bets and keeping your fingers crossed that the ball lands on your bet for a big cash win. Plus, as this is a Mike Tyson inspired game, there is also an amazing Knockout Bonus game to look forward to that can help you bring in even bigger wins! Give it a try today from just £1 per game up to £100 per game.

Our Verdict: The Mike Tyson Roulette game is absolutely fantastic, and we think it will appeal to a wide range of casino players. The graphics are amazing, and the cool knockout bonus game is sure to attract you to playing it. If you love boxing and roulette, then there is absolutely no reason why you will not enjoy playing this game!

Design: The design of the Mike Tyson Roulette game is great and players can enjoy smooth game play and a fantastic design. Watch out for the ball landing on Mike Tyson's face to trigger the Knockout Bonus feature.

How to Play: While Roulette looks a little daunting to play at first, this is actually quite an easy table game to play and perfect for beginners! To start off, you will need to decide how much you want to bet. This can be anywhere from £1 up to £100 depending on how confident you are feeling. You can either place a bet on a number or on a group. The group option is normally more popular and what we would recommend if you are new to the game. You can then watch the ball spin round the wheel, and it will hopefully land where you have placed a bet to award a massive cash win!

Betting Options: There are plenty of betting options in the Mike Tyson Roulette game, and you can find them on the information tab. Just a few of the most popular bets you will find here include straight, split, red/black and odd/even. Fun betting options in this game include neighbour bets,

Knockout Bonus: The Knockout Bonus is what makes the Mike Tyson roulette game so incredibly unique and exciting to play! To the side of your reels, you may already have noticed Mike Tyson's face. If the ball lands here, you will trigger the fun Knockout Bonus Round which will give you the chance to win up to £500. You can bet between £1 and £5, and you will then find yourself presented with 4 punch bags. You can start hitting these punchbags to knock out cash from them and each time cash falls out you can either take the money or keep punching for the chance to win £500.