Mega Money Rush

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Every now an then we come across a game that offers a truly unique experience.  This latest slot instalment from Microgaming and Skillz Gaming does just that!  This combined venture certainly ticks all of the gaming boxes.  Mega Money Rush isn't your conventional slot game, as it does not offer any traditional reels, row or paylines.  This is quite an innovative slot game from both developers.  We can certainly see it being a popular choice amongst many slot players who are looking for something a little different that still offers big potential jackpots.  Read our full review of this interesting game below.  

Our Verdict: This game scraps the conventional slot setup as there are no reels or paylines.  As soon as the gaming interface loads, players are sure to feel a little nostalgic.  This game definitely has a feel of the classic racing games from the Sega Mega Drive era with its arcade style graphics and music.  The gambling and slot elements of this game come into play when you examine the spinning wheel, which makes up the main component of the gameplay.  This acts as the base game interface and is how you can operate the different features in the game.  These features include power-ups, experience points and even surprise bonuses.

Visual Presentation: As soon as the gaming interface loads, we're sure that Mega Money Rush will remind you of a classic arcade style game.  Microgaming has even described this game as a slot/arcade hybrid, so it will certainly appeal to a wide range of players.  It may even appeal to players who traditionally like to play video games, rather than classic slot machines.  This is a racing game with one main goal.  Your main goal is to collect coins throughout your big race.  Once you have completed your race, the wheel will spin to reveal the bonuses you have accumulated and won before beginning the next race. 

Surprise Bonuses: Usually, at this stage of a review we would begin to discuss the wild symbol as the first bonus feature.  In this game, the developers have taken a different approach, as there are no bonus symbols to be had.  Instead, the game offers what is known as surprise bonuses that you can trigger when you spin the wheel.  These bonuses vary but can provide things like extra coins and handy multipliers.  These surprise bonuses also link with your race and usually result in enhanced wins.

Experience Points: This is the prominent bonus feature in Mega Money Rush.  Experience points are a key component when it comes to increasing your level.  With Mega Money Rush, the higher the level you achieve, the higher your potential payouts will be.  As soon as you start to access the higher levels, you will likely experience more valuable prizes.  This will enable you to become a better racer, sweeping up a slew of rewards as you go.