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In a nuts hell, Lost Relics is a brand new 5 reel video slot game launched this spring by leading software house, NetEnts. For 20p a spin (although players are welcome to try their luck with bets up to £400), you stand a chance of pocketing a useful return on your initial investment. And yes, even those flush enough to bet big from the outset. Readily accessed via desktop, mobile, and tablet, the premise of the archaeologically-themed game is to match certain artefact-heavy symbols in a winning cluster; appearing from left to right on your screen.

Our Verdict: NetEnts is currently riding the wave of Cluster Pays tech, and Lost Relics allows slot users to see what all the fuss is about. The behind-the-scenes virtual mechanics is never better illustrated than when witnessing the award-revealed treasure chests. Admittedly, while the Indiana Jones meets Tomb Raider graphic theme isn't exactly original, it is undoubtedly up there with the very best in terms of graphic styling. Add the sound effects into the creative mix – together with great free spins and bonuses -, and Lost Relics takes some beating right now.

Wild Symbol: ‘W,' not ‘X' marks the wild symbol spot in Lost Relics; the much-talked about new slots gaming title from NetEnts. Only the letter in question is inscribed across a golden snake which puts in timely appearances during your game play if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. If you are, count yourself lucky, because thereafter you can turn said gold into more gold. Of sorts. Essentially you can exchange it for other symbols – excepting scatter ones – which count towards greater profits. Oh, and there's an extra wild feature, which takes things to another level.

How to Play: Recognised as one of NetEnts' defining in-game features, Cluster Pays systematically increases the opportunities to make more money, courtesy of a cluster of symbols. The math being, the more symbols/clusters, the more coinage and/or free spins. Let's explain further. When found vertically or horizontally adjacent to the same symbol, a cluster-forming symbol (which can manifest in the form of golden snakes, lions, bracelets, diamonds, ceremonial daggers, Roman helmets, etc.) amounting to 6 or more can pave the way to a win. All the way up to a maximum of 25 symbols in a cluster which would mean huge pay-outs.

Design:  From the opening splash screen (complete with a Lara Croft-type character) as the game first loads to the main game screen (where you're suspended from the ceiling of a temple immersed in darkness and suspended above a campfire), all-consuming. Yeah, very Temple of Doom-y, immersive stuff from the past masters at creating awesome animation, together with many ways in which to make serious money. Meanwhile, 5 reels across 5 rows on-screen, complete with aforementioned symbolism completes the design picture.

Bonus Features: More treasures than you can shake a stick at, a combination of free spins and hidden chests offer the player every opportunity to add to their haul. In terms of the former, 3 Scatter symbols will activate this feature, releasing 10 free spins, presenting across reels 1, 3 and 5 only though. The latter sees spaces under a winning cluster reveal part (or all) of the chest when privy to a winning cluster.