Prepare to travel back in time to Ancient Asia, where a Koi Princess is just waiting for you. This regal slot game can easily win you a king's riches in just a few spins. This NetEnt game exploded onto the scene in 2016 and its bonus rounds quickly became the talk of every online casino. Not only does this game look fantastic, there are bonus features galore at your fingertips.

Our Verdict: This game has to be one of the best for thrill seeking players, as bonuses can happen at any time! This gives the game an added twist, as you could be spinning away when a random wild or win happens. There are a total of eight of these bonuses, which definitely gives this game the edge over a lot of other slots. It also has a fun theme, with an Asian inspired soundtrack creating the perfect atmosphere for a few spins.

Wild Symbol: As with a lot of slot games, the wild symbol for this one is the game's logo. This includes an appearance of the Koi Princess herself as she adds some extra luck onto your reels. You'll notice her cheering you on from the side of the reels too, she'll even congratulate you when you win. She's joined by a whole host of other lovely symbols, just check out the paytable to see what they're all worth.

Bonus Bet: The lines are fixed at 20 in this game, and these are where you'll need to match up your symbols to win. Set up your bet with the buttons under the reels and you'll be ready to play the base game. If you want to increase your chances and the number of paylines, then you can activate the bonus bet system. This doubles the lines up to 40 and gives you a higher chance of triggering one of the many bonus features. It's up to you whether you think this bet is worth it, you can activate or deactivate it at any point between spins.

Bonus Rounds: If you see three bonus symbols on the reels then the bonus wheel will pop up under them. This is your chance to spin for more funds or the chance to play in one of the many bonus rounds. You could be given a coin win or one of two types of free spins rounds. The first will have you playing with one guaranteed win per spin, and the other will add more wilds onto the reels. Both of these can boost your balance by a huge amount.

Random Bonuses: There are a further four bonus features that can be added into your game at random, without any triggering symbol. These include added wilds, extended wilds, access to that bonus wheel or a respin with 5 matching symbols guaranteed. Each of these can add a lot of fun onto your reels and more than a modest win too. It won't take you long to pick a favourite bonus feature from the game.