Looking for a unique slot game, that doesn't follow the same old structure? They can definitely be quite hard to find nowadays, but luckily for you, 1x2 Gaming is here to save the day and prevent you suffering from hours of boredom with its latest offering Jackpot 3X3. This is unlike the traditional slot game setup as it only contains 3 reels and has an interesting twist. Even without these unique features, it is still a slot game that would catch your eye due to its fantastic bright and colourful graphics. If you need a little more convincing on what makes this slot game so great, carry on reading.

Our Verdict: We know ourselves that it can get a little boring playing slot game after slot game that features the exact same format, but 1x2 Gaming has broken this mould with the exciting slot game Jackpot 3X3. Once you are ready to get spinning, wager as little as 1p or if you want to go all out, wager the maximum of £450. There are big jackpots to be won here, and it is sure to catch the eye of many slot players looking for something a little different.

Wild Symbol: As we previously mentioned, there is an interesting twist to this slot game in that there is only one payline! This means that there are no wild symbols to be found on these reels and this includes other exciting symbols such as scatters and bonuses. This single payline features a few reel symbols, and they are all a geometric shape with a number on view on it. It is not all doom and gloom, however, as this just means there is more room for new and exciting bonus features to take their place, and this will hopefully lead to some big cash wins.

How to Play: Although this game may be a little different to what you usually play, it is really simple once you get the hang of it. All players have to do is place their wager and choose how much they are willing to stake. Beginners to this game may want to start of wagering as little as a penny until they are more comfortable with the game. Once you have decided on this, you are ready to hit the button that will get all of those reels spinning. To then win a prize, players will need to get 3 of the same symbols, and you can win on more than one reel.

Payouts: If there any reels that you do not want to play, simply hit the grid before you get spinning to switch them off. You will notice when you start playing that all of the symbols on these reels are numbered, and if you are lucky enough to get three matching symbols landing on your reels then you will win a big prize. The size of this prize is all to do with the symbols number value, plus the multiplier that is on display. While this slot game is very different to others on the market, in some aspects it is exactly the same!