Deuces Wild poker

When it comes to reviewing a Microgaming title, nine times out of ten it will be a slot machine, but today we're taking a look at Deuces Wild.  This is an interesting Poker variant that comes with a fun wild twist!  If you're on the hunt for something a little different from the classic slot machine gaming experience but still want the option of landing some big wins, this classic themed Poker game could be the perfect game for you.  Deuces Wild is an easy, light-hearted Poker game that is a great option for all types of players.  Check out our full review below.

Our Verdict: Microgaming's Deuces Wild title has a standard 52 playing card setup, so you shouldn't find it too difficult to pick up.  The gameplay on offer in this Poker variant replicated the real game surprisingly well and keeps things simple with a basic interface anyone can understand.  This means you'll be able to jump straight in and play.  If you're usually more of a slot player, there's nothing to worry about with Deuces Wild as the interface is fairly similar to a typical five-reel slot game.  Just remember, the main aim of this game is to end each round with the strongest poker hand.     

How to Play: Once you get to grips with the interface in Deuces Wild, we're sure you'll find this game super easy to pick up and play.  The paytable for the game will help to give you an indication of how you're doing each round.  All you need to do in this game is place your bet and then click the deal button.  This will then display your card, and you can choose whether you would like to draw another, deal or hold.  Microgaming also gives you the option of playing Deuces Wild in free play mode, if you're a Poker novice and want to get up to speed before betting with real money. 

Wild Symbol: One of the best things about online video poker games is that they benefit from a wild symbol in the same way that online slot machines do.  In fact, the wild symbol in Deuces Wild can be of huge benefit to the player as it has the ability to substitute for other cards in the deck.  This will increase the likelihood of you landing a winning Poker hand.  It's easy to spot the wild card as it has the word ‘Wild' written on them.  This card will help you to win any hand other than a natural Royal Flush.

Gamble Feature: The gamble feature is a firm fixture in most online Poker games, and Deuces Wild is no different.  This feature gives you the opportunity to gamble your latest bet by guessing either lower or higher on the Poker card presented to you.  If you choose correctly, you'll be able to continue doubling your win until you lose, or you reach the feature's limit.  This is the only bonus feature you will find in Deuces Wild.