Are you ready to go on an out of this world adventure? Then you will want to get started playing the thrilling slot game Cosmic Cat! This slot game is a little bit trippy but really great fun to play. With super simple game play, this really is the ultimate slot game for beginners to check out. Blast off into slot super stardom today and bag a big cash win with Cosmic Cat today!

Our Verdict: If you love a slot game that does not take itself too seriously then this is definitely the game that you will want to playing. In this game, there are only three reels and one payline which is certainly a big difference from many of the new slot games that we see being released today! Players will find the reels displayed on the drum which is located in the top right hand corner of your screen. Cosmic Cat is a super easy slot game to play, so no matter what your skill level is when it comes to spinning reels, everyone should be able to play this game.

How to Play: Players must first decide on what their budget should be, and once you have done this, you can use the positive and minus buttons on the bottom of the slot to adjust your bet. Players can then choose to Bet Max or to Bet One. This simply means that you can double your bet with Bet Max and the prizes that are available will also be doubled. If you want to check out the prizes on offer, head on over to the game's pay table. The aim of this game is to land 3 cat symbols on a payline, and you will then bag yourself a huge 1000x coin prize!

Symbols: You won't find too many symbols to keep up with when you spin the reels of Cosmic Cat as this game is super simple with just three symbols on offer. Players can spin their reels to find the cat, mouse and single/double/triple bar symbols. Players can grab themselves a pay out with three mixed bars on a pay line, or if you get one or two cats on a pay line, you can get 2x to 5x your wager.

Wild Symbol: As there are no big bonus features in the slot game Cosmic Cat, the wild symbol is ultimately the most important symbol that you will find on your reels. If you are unfamiliar with the wild symbol, this symbol will replace all others on your reels to create lots of new, big winning combinations! That means more money straight into your account.

Bonus Features: There are no bonus features to be found in the slot game Cosmic Cat which makes a nice change from all of the latest slot game releases that are bursting with lots of complicated bonuses features that players can struggle to keep up with!