Movie fans, get ready for a brilliant slot game that will take you behind the scenes of a great blockbuster. Bloopers is the name of the game, which is a slang term meaning a take of film that has to be scrapped because of an issue. This could be because of an actor fluffing a line or a technical hitch. This might seem like a strange premise for a slot game, but the Bloopers are fun animated creatures that control these reels.

Our Verdict: This quirky slot game really offers something different, with plenty of bonus features thrown in for good measure. It's a very entertaining game, and it can be very rewarding for players too, it's bound to keep you at the edge of your seat too. There's a definite old Hollywood atmosphere in this game, so it will appeal to movie buffs. Even if you're not a massive fan of films, everyone can get on board with the spectacular maximum jackpot of the game.

Betting: As this is an Elk Studios game, the betting options are a bit different to other games. When you select the bet button, you'll be given a range of options from 25p to £100; it's really that easy. If you want to use the auto play function of the game, then you can even select varying bet systems. These will automatically place different bets for you over a series of spins, going from high to low or randomly jumping around. It might not be a function that every player uses, but it's a great additional feature.

Wild Symbol: The Golden wild symbol is the one that you'll need to watch out for. This trophy like symbol will substitute for all of the regular symbols on the reels, so it will greatly improve your chances to win. The only symbol that it won't be able to combine with is the scatter symbol, which is represented by a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.

Free Spins: If you're lucky enough to discover three of these stars, you'll be sent into a round of free spins. These will start automatically, and you'll see that two more symbols have turned wild, the actor and the actress. When these star-crossed lovers meet side by side, then you'll get yet another free respin while they're held in place. These wild symbols are not to be underestimated as they can reward you with a handsome jackpot.

Bloopers: The little creatures that are the namesake of this game can influence your luck in a massive way. They each have different properties and will appear at the start of your free spins round. You'll randomly be awarded these creatures, and they could mean extra free spins or bigger multipliers on your winnings. As you play through the round, more of these can appear in your game and combine together to create a better bonus round. You'll soon come to know which of these characters are your favourite to see on this lively set of reels.