BlackjackPro MonteCarlo SingleHand

Blackjack has long been one of the most popular table games for casino players and this has transcended over to online games too. NextGen Gaming is back with another fantastic blackjack game that you will enjoy whether you are a complete newbie to table games or a seasoned pro. BlackjackPro MonteCarlo SingleHand will take you to the bustling city of MonteCarlo where you can bask in luxury and hopefully big cash wins while you enjoy placing wagers on this exciting game that can range from just 1p all the way up to an incredible £10,000!

Our Verdict: While the title of BlackjackPro MonteCarlo SingleHand is long and a bit confusing, this game certainly is not as you will be surprised by how easy it is to play if you are completely new to playing online blackjack games. Those of you who have played blackjack games before will find this game super easy to grasp and will be making those big wagers and huge cash wins in no time at all!

How to Play: BlackjackPro MonteCarlo SingleHand is easier to play than you may first think. This game has your standard 52 card deck to start off and the rules are exactly the same as other games of blackjack. Players will have to try and beat the dealer by choosing cards and getting as close to 21 as possible, or hitting 21 if you are very lucky! If your cards total up to higher than 21 then you will have gone bust and lost the game. In this particular game, the dealer can stand on any 17. Players are allowed to split cards of the same worth, however, this can only be done once in your game.

Payouts and Betting: Payouts and betting when it comes to table games can be a little overwhelming at first, but they are actually really easy to understand in BlackjackPro MonteCarlo SingleHand. Essentially, players can make a bet of anywhere between 1p and £10,000 which is probably a much lower minimum bet and a much higher maximum bet that you were expecting. If you are playing with a single hand then you can win a 3:2 payout or the standard payout is 1:1. This game does feature an RTP of 98% so you can be sure of receiving lots of wins while playing this blackjack game.

Additional Features: There are plenty of customisable features to enjoy while you are playing BlackjackPro MonteCarlo SingleHand that will tailor your blackjack gaming experience to you. All of the features can be changed by clicking on the spanner icon. Features that you can change within the game is the speed to fast, normal or slow, the audio on the game and you can choose to have voice, music and sound or none if you prefer. Finally, a fun added extra with this game is that you can pick the colour of the table! Players can choose from red, blue, green and purple to complete the tailoring of this game to your preferences.