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You can enjoy the Battle Mania slot game by Microgaming at home or away for the chance to take home up to 100,000 coins. There's plenty of action to enjoy as you battle fierce monsters using your team of heroes, and five different bonuses that become available the longer you play the game.

Our Verdict: The aim of the Battle Mania slot by Microgaming is simple - defeat your enemies to reap great rewards. However, there is more to enjoy than just slaying your enemy as you can pick up special cards while playing Battle Mania that let you unlock new islands, bonus, and hero skills. Free games, 25% win boosts, and generous multipliers are all waiting to be discovered. So, make sure you try the Battle Mania slot today for the chance to win big!

Design: Battle Mania takes place on a series of islands that can be unlocked by collecting island stones.

The game screen doesn't feature reels or paylines as it's more of a roleplay-based game.

Your heroes stand on one side of the battlefield and the enemy on the other, and you can pick your favourite team from the available selection such as Champions of Balance, Heroes of Light, and Dark Fury.

Each team is made up of five heroes, each of whom offers an exciting personal skill. For example, the Dark Fury team features Enk the Goblin whose special skill is looting, which means that he can pick his foe's pockets while simultaneously attacking him with his dagger.

Before you can begin playing the Battle Mania slot game, you must firstly choose how much you wish to stake per game. Once you've set your bet size, you can choose which team of heroes you wish to use. After you press Play, you receive cards containing Mana points that allow you to attack your enemy. Each hero fights the monster standing opposite him or her, and to win a battle; your hero must knock their enemy's health bar down to zero.

Wild Symbol: There is no wild symbol in the Battle Mania slot.

Bonus Features: As well as winning cash prizes through each fight, you can enjoy more rewards by making progress through the fantasy world of Battle Mania.

There are five islands to explore, and a bonus feature accompanies each island.

You begin the game on Forest Island where the Boss Fight bonus can be awarded by a randomly dealt card at the beginning of a battle. Help your heroes defeat the dragon, and you receive an instant cash prize.

If you manage to collect enough island stones to unlock Desert Island, you gain five free battles with all wins doubled, and you can also pick up treasure cards which give extra prizes of up to one thousand coins.

For us, the best bonus feature in Battle Mania is Treasure Island Event which offers you the chance to win as many as 100,000 coins through the Magic Stone card, and also gives you 25% extra on every prize gained.