Archangels Salvation

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As judgement day approaches, join the Archangel and the Devil as they meet in Archangels Salvation. Before you are judged, you can take a front seat for the battle and reap the benefits in the form of some great cash prizes. Both characters will help you along the way thanks to the great bonus features that they can unlock. Take your shot at this fantastic slot from NetEnt as it has everything you need to have a good time and win yourself some cash.

Our Verdict: Overall, this game from NetEnt provides a lot for the slot players who like to stray away from traditional slots. There are 6 reels with a maximum bet of 50p and 10 levels, and the symbols are beautifully designed to keep you entertained. Archangels Salvation offers a lot, and the 3D graphics do a great job of making this slot game better than your average slot. There are 100 paylines on this slot so make sure to start spinning today to win some huge prizes.

Design: The 8 main symbols in this game stem from the traditional casino games with diamonds and clubs appearing. The real beauty comes in the high win symbols, however, as they feature full-length images of the Archangel and the Devil as they flow onto the reels. The 3D images of these characters at the sides of the reels also provide some pleasant viewing, and we love the paths of fire as they show up on the screen.

Free Spins: Want to win some free spins on Archangels Salvation? The good news is that you can easily do this by getting yourself some scatter symbols on the board. If you can get at least 3 scatter symbols which look like an S and take up two lines, you will receive 10 free spins. If you get really lucky and get 6 scatter symbols, you'll trigger a huge 25 free spins so make sure to get spinning right away.

Wild Symbols: The wild symbols on Archangels Salvation will appear when you match a 2x2 block of the same symbols. You'll be able to easily identify the wild symbol as it has the image of a lion with a huge W on it. Getting yourself some wild symbols can actually make a huge difference to your winnings as you can substitute it for any of the other symbols except the scatter symbol.

Hot Spot Areas: If you've managed to get yourself some wild symbols then you will be even more pleased if they have landed in the hot spot areas. The hot spot areas are located at the top, and the bottom of the reels and getting a wild symbol in these can unlock the heaven or hell bonus features. Depending on how accurately the symbol has landed in the hot spot, you will receive a different prize. For a wild symbol fully in the heaven hot spot, you'll get 4 stacks of wild symbols, and in the hell hot spot, you'll get 16 more wild symbols.