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Are you looking to gain more winnings than a spell-book has spells? Well, Abracardabra, the latest slot game designed by all of the tech-whizzes at NYX Interactive is a mixture between both slots and poker, which, as a result, provides a fantastic amount of excitement for its users and even bigger rewards.

Our Verdict: The game, based on a magic show, is a hugely impressive game that offers its users a vast amount of amazing bonuses and features along the way. In order to get your hands on one of the available prizes, you will need to make sure that you manage to match at least three cards. One of the most impressive things about the game is that it provides users with the opportunity to bet from as little as only 2p or, if you are looking to earn the big bucks, £25 really. All of the vast range of bets will give you the chance to truly hit the jackpot with a total prize amount of £250,000.

Design: The graphics for this particular game are consistent with the whole theme of a magic show. The imagery can be viewed as bold, engaging and will make all users want to continue playing and winning their share of majestical amounts of money. Featured throughout the game are eight different symbols, they can be found on the paytable underneath the payline.

Magic Hat Bonus: So then, you like bonuses? Do you like surprises? Well, luckily for you this is the ideal feature for you! It is a completely random reward bonus that is triggered when the magician shows a new card from his hat, which will thereafter take the place of the cards that are already displayed in the playing area. Without having to bet on another spin, this can be seen as a fortunate second chance to win big bucks.

Hold Feature: Although there are no wild cards in this particular game, you can still have the chance to win big through a host of different features and rewards.  NYX Interactive have come up with the clever concept of implementing, like traditional fruit machine slots, the opportunity to hold, which will give you an even bigger chance to win big! This is in a similar fashion to video poker, meaning you can hold and card that you wish and thereafter use it in later rounds.

Abracardabra Bonus: If you are looking for another magic bonus that will provide you with the secret spell to some marvellously wondrous winnings, then look out carefully for the Abracardabra Bonus. This is a bonus which, depending on the amount of bonus card symbols that you spin, you will thereafter be awarded with a multiplier of x1, x2 or x10. In addition to this hugely generous multiplier, you will also be entitled to more cards and as a result dramatically increasing your chances of winning big in the next round.