3D European Roulette

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If you're a fan of classic casino games, you will have definitely experienced the thrill of playing roulette online.  As roulette becomes increasingly more popular to play when you're out on the go, developers continue to create new, high-quality varieties for fans to enjoy.  NYX's latest roulette game, 3D European Roulette transforms this classic game into a wonderful and immersive 3D gaming experience.  This new title is extremely life-like and will leave you feeling like you are playing at your very own Vegas casino.  If you like the sound of this stellar gaming title, check out all the essential details below. 

Our Verdict: We were seriously impressed with the gaming quality on offer in NYX's 3D European Roulette.  This brand-new release provides a wonderful immersive gaming experience that is bound to impress even the most seasoned of players.  With crystal clear graphics and fun, interactive features, this is definitely a must-play roulette game.  This gaming title offers a seriously sleek and crisp gaming experience that really helps this title to stand out from the crowd.  With a phenomenal 97.3% RTP, we're sure this latest roulette game will offer some amazing cash wins.  Are you ready to spin the roulette wheel and claim your cash prize?

How to Play: If you're a little unsure of the different roulette rules, the easiest way to check which rules you should be aware of is to find out which variant you are playing.  There are three mains roulette styles: French, American, and European.  This game follows the European style, which makes it ideal for new players.  Unlike American roulette, European roulette has no double zero position on the roulette wheel.  This makes it easier to follow and place bets on.  To place your bet, you will need to make sue of the different sized chips at the bottom of the game screen.  Each chip size comes in a different colour.

Betting Options: When you choose the chip you would like to bet with, you simply need to place it on the pay table.  Where you place your chip will determine what kind of bet you can make.  There are a number of different betting options you should be aware of.  The most popular are evens or odds and red or black.  Both of these options are fairly self-explanatory and are a good option for new players still figuring out the different betting options.  When you're a little more comfortable with placing bets, you should make a specific bet on a single number as this offers the highest payout.

Special Features: Any roulette fan will be happy to know that the 3D European roulette game comes with a number of special features to help you customise your gaming experience.  Players will be able to activate a fast-play feature if they're looking to play a lot of games in a short space of time.  You can also make use of the re-bet feature if you're happy with your betting options.  One of the best things about this new game is that it tracks your previous bets and shows you the statistics of your previous betting history.  This is particularly handy if you're still figuring out your betting strategy.